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Our Process

Detecting dyslexia starts with our self test. A quick diagnostic tool determines your need for our services.

Once the test is taken, please contact us to discuss the results.

Reading Trouble?

Our methods are proven to help students of all ages. From ages five to fifty...

...we can help.

Our Methods

If your child is not responding to reading programs used at school, he may be dyslexic...

...we can help.


Chances are, your child is not
getting the two ingredients
that are crucial for helping
students learn to read.


You can recognize dyslexia by examining many
of the common symptoms
of reading, spelling or
comprehension difficulty.


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You have done such a great
job with Michael that he
is telling us he wants
to be an author.



Despite the research around the world, Arizona teachers, parents, and school administrators are still confused about dyslexia.

Unfortunately, this places one in five children at risk of not meeting their learning potential. The Reading and Math Clinic uses science-proven multisensory interventions to treat dyslexics who have phonological and orthographic dyslexia. For such struggling readers, we use Lips®, Seeing Stars®, and Visualizing and Verbalizing ® so that students can learn to read successfully.

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Our methods are proven to help all struggling readers.
From ages five to fifty, we can help.

Success Stories

Attached to a 4.0 report card:

"Just a note to show you what Derek has accomplished since leaving your clinic. I'm so proud of him. Thank you so very much for all of your help."

— Valerie Tenner, parent

Tips to improve your child's
reading at home.

Tip: Pick the right books. When choosing a book for your child or student to read, make sure it is at an appropriate level. The student should be missing two to five words per page. As a general rule, if they're missing less, it's too easy. If they're missing more, it's too hard.