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“You have done such a great job with Michael that he is telling us he wants to be an author. This is from a boy that wouldn’t compose a sentence over four words. Thanks again for all your work.”

— Leon and Barb Brooks, parents

“By 7th grade, Sam had not read one book through, and he tested out as barely a third-grade reader. We had worked with him in a wide variety of areas, but to no avail. Sam was losing ground every year. A friend’s son just graduated from the Reading Clinic and told us about it. Sam jumped in with both feet for three months. Sam has not only finished his first full book, but now he reads the news to us from We have been absolutely amazed at the progress and even more amazed at the speed with which he learned how to read anything that is put in front of him. It has been an experience Sam will never forget, and he can now look forward to college without the intimidation of not being capable.” 

— Eileen Wells, parent

“Attached to a 4.0 report card: “Just a note to show you what Derek has accomplished since leaving your clinic. I’m so proud of him. Thank you so very much for all of your help.”

— Valerie Tenner, parent

“I was very scared when I entered middle school. I had a lot of problems reading and comprehending. I did not like to read because it was like a job. My dad found the Reading Clinic, a place to teach me how to read and sound out words. Once I started, I said to myself, This is easy! I was excited to read, and I always wanted to read. My words now are ‘I want to read’ or ‘I can read.'”

— Kristine D., student


Free On Site and Online Dyslexia Screening by appointment only

WHAT: Reading screening ages 5 to 15

WHEN: Monday through Thursday

WHERE: 1840 E Warner Rd, Tempe

CONTACT: Dr. Pamela Rupprecht


Participants must register.
Testing takes approximately 25 minutes.

More on the methods we use…

“A relatively recent method of teaching reading developed by Pat and Charles Lindamood … has been shown by rigorous experimental testing to be 100 percent effective, even with adult dyslexics and children with extreme language delays.”

Education Week, February 5, 1985
“Dealing with the Learning Disabilities Crisis”